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    Welcome to Townsville Carport Specialists

    Welcome to Townsville Car Port Specialists — your one-stop shop for all quality supplies and services for carport, verandah and pergolas installation. An outdoor installation like a carport is a smart solution if you are looking for options to improve your home’s value without doing a full home reno.

    Carport Builder Townsville

    In terms of practicality, a carport is a great addition to your home and the best solution to keep your car or vehicle safe from outdoor elements. Also, this structure is cost-efficient and sustainable as it doesn’t occupy too much space, and because it is comparatively smaller in size than the regular garage, it needs fewer materials to build it.

    In coming up with the design of your carport, the style options are limitless and so versatile that it can practically be incorporated in just about anywhere on your property. Being an installation that involves few components, it can be said that no hassles and inconveniences will come your way.

    Carports l Verandahs l Pergolas

    At Townsville Car Port Specialists, we bring out a wide-range selection of materials, supplies and experience for all your carport renovation project. No matter how big or small the job is, our team will carry it out at a high level.

    Townsville free standing carport

    Attached Carports

    This only needs one support on a side and the rest of the parts can be attached to your property’s structure.  It is a cost-effective option, and to ensure its longevity, the overall structure must be durable and stable enough and also secure that the roof framing has adequate support as needed.


    Free-Standing Carports

    This design is a great and versatile option for it can be installed in just about anywhere in your home.  In doing the planning, keeping in mind that its placement must conform to the council regulations and safety standards. Our company also offers these:

    • Design — if you are a beginner, and you still don’t know what to do or where to begin with your project, our expert designer can help you render a design that combines beauty and performance. If you hire us, we will give you something that will best match your home while still sticking with your personal style and budget. If you choose for classic design or a modern one, we can make that happen.
    Townsville Verandah design
    Dome carport Townsville


    Right before finalising our layout, we first give it to our clients for approval. This is to show our way of making sure that our projects are a team effort between us and our clients. Further, we always ensure that our clients are satisfied and feel respected. In addition to that, securing building permits and complying with safety standards are all under our control.


    • Installation— we adapted a systematic process in our installation that creates a stress-free and convenient service. Our professionals will manage each and every phase of the project, and they will give regular updates to our clients.

    Home Renovation Specialists

    At Geelong Carport Specialists, we have a wide-range of options for all your carport design and installation needs. Be it big or small, our team can handle the project excellently. They can build you these two main types of carport designs:


    Attached Carports

    this option is cost-effective since it only requires support on a side and for the rest of the parts, they can be installed to your property’s structure.  To ensure that it will last long, the overall structure must have durability and stability. While at it, make sure that the roof framing has adequate support, if needed.

    Townsville Carport installation
    Townsville carport layout

    Freestanding Carports

    this is a versatile option for it can be installed and put up in just about anywhere in your residential property. You must keep in mind that its placement must adhere to the council regulations and safety standards. In doing so, keep check of the following as well: 


    The boundaries determine the areas where you’re allowed to put it.


    The appearance of the home’s façadeknow the rules that apply to this.


    The carport access – be knowledgeable about any council regulations pertaining to this. 


    The neighbour’s car access – assess if you will be compromising it by having your own carport. 

    Townsville Carport

    Gable carport Townsville
    Gable Carport
    Flat carport Townsville
    Flat Roof Carport
    Dome carport Townsville
    Dome Carport
    Pyramid carport Townsville
    Pyramid/Hip Carport
    Skillion carport Townsville
    Skillion Carport

    Carports l Verandahs l Pergolas

    Here in our company, we bring you designs that are both pleasing aesthetically and functional. If the plan includes unique specifications, that is no problem for us. Also, we make sure that the carport is safe for you and your car, and that it adheres to the regulations and standard set by the local building authorities in QLD.

    Townsville Verandah design
    Townsville Verandahs

    Verandah Builders

    As Australia’s best outdoor specialist when it comes to veranda installation, you can count on us to give you what you paid for and expect that we deliver beyond your expectations. As an additional offer to our clients, we have a structural guarantee for 25 years and a workmanship guarantee for 10 years. These will further ensure that our structures and services can last really long.

    If you are worried about designs, there are a lot of styles that you can choose from. Our team of highly skilled and trained builders will take the stress and worry away, and you really won’t have to worry about anything. From the day you choose us, we will take care of everything from the start to finish, including the maintenance and the post clean-up.

    Pergola Builders Townsville

    As your most trusted verandah builders Townsville,our mission is to provide you with the most beautifully-designed out yet high-performing verandahs. Our services are comprehensive and customisable so that with whatever specifications and ideas you have in mind, and with the budget you established, we can still make your dream verandah happen without sacrificing the quality.

    Townsville Pergola installation
    Townsville Pergola design

    Pergola Builders

    There is nothing more relaxing than spending your day outdoors and in the sun. However, keep in mind that you still need some protection. To make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and memorable, installing a pergola might be the one for you. Doing this will surely bring your outdoor entertainment to another level while keeping you safe from outdoor elements. Moreover, this outdoor structure can adapt any design so as to reflect your character and style.

    If you’re one of those homeowners who are looking for a way to spice up the life of their backyard for an entertainment space, then pergola installation is the best solution for that. Since we are the most trusted builders in Australia, our expert team can help you in building your pergola.

    Durable and High-Quality Pergolas

    Our services are customisable and our professionals can come up with designs that will suit your limited budget and cater to your unique needs. In our company, we pride ourselves in using only the most durable and highest quality of materials from the best producers in Australia.

    So, forget about your plain outdoor space, because we can turn that into the most functional yet beautiful structure. What we want is to give the best for you by offering you quality supplies and services, so call our carport experts today for more info.

    Townsville Verandah design


    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    What is a carport?

    A carport is a practical and efficient structure providing a parking space next to your home. It is made up of a roof and four open sides. It makes for a great investment if you are looking for ways to appreciate your property’s value.  It has a stand on its own support or it can get attached to your property, depending on your plan.

    What is the best material for installing carports?

    If you ask what the pros would suggest, steel would be the answer. This is so because steel can stand the drastic changes in the weather and in the temperature. It further serves as the most trusted when it comes to durability and longevity. Other material options also afford the same protection, but such depends on your location.

    Can carports be customised?

    Yes, they can be customised. Similar to almost any other home installations and additions, a carport is highly recommended to be customised. This is to ensure that if wil properly reflect your style and cater to your unique needs. Moreover, if your car can’t fit in standard carports, a customisation is the way to go.

    Are there permits that I need to secure before I construct a carport in QLD?

    Carports will always require a permit before construction. We work with you to ensure you have the correct permit for the structure you’re planning to build.

    What is the best height for a carport?

    As your carport professionals, we highly recommend that you build one that reaches 2.4 meters in height. Having it in this size will give you a sense of security that no matter the size of your vehicle, regardless if it is for business or personal use, it can still fit.

    How long will it take to build a carport?

    The designing and planning stage can take up to a day to be fully done. However, for other processes such as the consultation and finalising with the project cost, you might need to increase the number of days. There are also the pre-installation processes that you must consider in the duration of the work. The acquisition of permits, skills needed, amount of labour, and equipment needed are some other factors that you must take into account.

    What’s the first thing I need to do in constructing a new verandah?

    If you have fully settled to build your very own verandah, the first thing you need to do is hire the best company that provides services for your installation needs. Then, you must ask them about the services and other options they have to expand your options if needed.

    Is it safe to install a veranda on my current deck?

    Yes, this is safe and more practical than removing your outdoor deck, but just be sure you hire a designer and have your new project integrated into your existing outdoor deck.

    With Townsville Carport Specialists, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

    Servicing All Of Townsville

    Having a carport installed into your commercial or residential area in Townsville will surely improve your property’s beauty and value. Further, it offers an excellent parking space for your car, minus the hassle in construction and without occupying too much space.

    A carport installation is really a wise investment and a great way to beautify your outdoors. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because now is the time to start building your own carport installation, and it all starts with Townsville Car Port Specialists. If you want a verandah, carport or pergola, you know we are the company to call. 

    We service all suburbs from Garbutt, West End, Annandale, Aitkenvale, Cranbrook and more.