Townsville Pergola installation

For homeowners who are looking for ways to do a makeover for your old backyard and include some functionality to it, then installing a pergola might be for you. The moment you hire us, we will take care of every little detail. To go with our quality materials, we specialise in designing or redesigning, and installing pergolas.

Our designs and outputs boast durability, highly-functionality, and style. In our company, we lead a team of professional builders who are ready to help and who have been building beautiful pergolas for many years for residential owners in Townsville, ANT, and Australia and nearby towns.

What is a Pergola?

An outdoor structure like a pergola is an excellent addition to your outdoors which is usually made of timber and roofs. Pergolas have become popular for residential owners, especially for those who have gardens in Australia. This is so because they significantly appreciate the area’s look and functionality. Also, pergolas serve as a great place to relax when the hot months roll in.

Benefits of Installing a Pergola

  • Increases your home’s value— the design and final outcome of your pergola can either affect your home’s value greatly or poorly. So, choose a pergola that is durable and sturdy yet beautifully designed. Also, you may want to ask the advice and services of the experts.
  • Elevates your outdoor space — a pergola is a great way to spruce up your outdoor area. Settle for designs having an open-top lattice roof to not block the sunlight and air circulation.
  • Serves as an extension— it is common for residential owners to use pergolas as a way to come up with an outdoor extension of their living space. If you ever decide to, select a design and material that will match the exterior of your home, and have a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space.
  • Affords some privacy— usually, pergolas don’t come with walls and a roof, but they still look nice as they provide some shade and privacy to your outdoor space.

Types of Pergola Designs

  • Attached – this design has a side which is connected to a structure as its support on one of its sides. This seamlessly transitions from your home or indoor structure to the outdoor area. In some establishments, they also install pergolas to cater more customers and to provide a more comfortable dining setup.
  • Wall-Mounted – this is also called as the eyebrow pergolas, and the design and built are comparatively smaller than the standard pergola. This is mounted to a wall that is attached to a structure and no columns are required. In regard to its purpose, this provides shade to smaller areas such as in the walkways.
  • Freestanding – this design is usually not attached to any structure, and needs four columns at the least to be attached on a concrete patio or concrete footer. This is ideal for almost any one, but make sure that the design conforms to the local laws to guarantee safety and avoid legal sanctions.

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