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There is nothing more exciting than finally deciding and planning on a home extension to elevate your home’s beauty and value. However, these also can be a daunting decision to make, especially if you don’t know anything.

To get you started, you might want to consider installing a veranda. This structure will surely give you and your family a great entertainment space where you can spend more quality time and bond over meals and laughter. Whatever the season may be, a verandah affords you with a cozy and relaxing space. Here at our company, the professionals and specialists can help you with our cost-effective solutions.

What is a Verandah?

An outdoor structure like a veranda serves as a great addition and extension to your property. This structure is usually designed to have a roof or in open air attached with some railings on the front and the sides for enclosure. Also, this is alternately called as a portico, cloister, open gallery, or porch. Verandahs are customisable, depending on your unique needs and budget. For the design options, they are practically limitless— from basic to the most stylish, you name them, because we have them all.

Types of Verandahs

As your certified contractor, we can help you with your verandah project once you have finally decided to take that huge step. The following are some types of verandah designs that you can select from:

  • Curved Type — this features a modern and unique style than the standard designs. It can also be adapted with ease to flat roof verandahs, and it is really more attractive to the eyes.
  • Flat Type — it offers a sleek and simple design, yet it can be incorporated easily to any shape of the area. It does not need bulky beams, and there are a lot of material options that can be used for it. Regardless if you want a curved or gable roof, this is the style best for you.
  • Gable Type — this type is really great for those who want a pitched roof. You can add installations such as down lights and fans. This is really an ideal choice for outdoor spaces with tables and chairs.

 Benefits of Building a Verandah:

  • Limitless design opportunities — there are a lot of home installation options you can pick from and verandah really is versatile when it comes to that. There are modern designs, traditional ones and even grand-looking designs. You can select any style that matches your home’s facade.
  • Protects your home — verandahs are more than just an added beauty, it also serves a practical purpose by affording some protection to your home from harsh weather conditions. For instance, the summer heat cannot easily get into your room or any part it, depending on where your verandah is installed.
  • Affords You More Space— One of the benefits of verandahs is that you get to spend more time outdoors and enjoy with your family without having to expose yourselves to the outdoor elements. You can spend the cool night under the stars, and in the summer, you can hold a family barbecue.

The Most Trusted Experts

Having a verandah placed into your residential or commercial property in Townsville, QLD is, undoubtedly a smart choice and investment. This structure can increase both the aesthetics and performance of your outdoor space.

Now is the best time to get your project rolling, and if you choose us, you can have all the amazing benefits of installing such outdoor space immediately. Entrust your verandah design, supply, and installation to us at Townsville Car Port Specialists. Call us now!

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